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Environmental Change

Thank you for passing clean power policies and investing in renewable energy to reduce our country's high carbon emissions. You've inspired us all to relentlessly fight against climate change.

Costa Rica Goes Green

Costa Rica is leading the way for the world to show that a country can be powered by renewable energy! 

Foam Toilet: Water Savings

Ladies & gents, we present to you the foam toilet. It uses 99.6% less water than standard toilets! Discover more green innovation with a tour at the Bullitt Center in Seattle, the greenest office building in the world!

Leonardo Environmentalist

Leo has dedicated his life towards Earth's sustainability since 1998. Please check out our video to get a glimpse of everything that Leo has done. 

Vietnam Water Crisis

Millions of dead fish have washed up on the beaches of Vietnam for miles. This is a catastrophic environmental incident that has stirred controversy and protests.

Olympic Water Issues

Athletes and visitors may get their first taste of this pollution, but Brazilian residents have been stuck with these living conditions for years. 

Seattle Green Transport

The Seattle Sound Transit U-Link extension between U of W & Seattle is open! This is truly a transformational moment for Seattle & we are so excited for the expansion plans that are coming down the pipeline.

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